Announcing Walking With Giants 2016 - East Coast Edition, December 18 & 19, 2016

In 2014, the Disneyana Fan Club took a special group of members into the footsteps of two brothers who were giants in the songwriting business. We were led to where the families grew up, where they hanged out, and where they worked. Thanks to Robbie Sherman, son of Robert B. Sherman, we were given the rare look into the lives of The Sherman Brothers, Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. We were able to walk into two of the homes where Robert’s family lived and where Robbie grew up with his brothers and sisters. We also drove by the local high school, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Sherman Brothers’ old office, Beverly Hills’ Rose Garden and other destinations that made an impact on the Sherman’s lives.
In 2015, we went on another journey with Robbie through the streets of Beverly Hills with more stories of the Sherman Brothers; what influenced some of their famous songs; how some of his dad’s painting were inspired; and more pictures from the Sherman’s Family Album.
In 2015, Robbie also composed a theme song as a present to the Disneyana Fan Club, which debuted at the DisneyanaMania 2015 National Convention in Anaheim with both a video by the Liberty Voices and with a live, on stage performance, by a Barbershop Quartet.
For 2016, as a special treat for the awesome occasion of the Harnett Central High School Marching Band and the East Coast premiere of the “Disneyana” theme song, The Walking With Giants special event is going to Walt Disney World!
On Sunday afternoon, December 18, 2016, be our guests as we join the Harnett Central High School Marching Band for lunch. Robbie will also be joining us with more tales about his dad, his uncle, and the handful of Sherman Brothers tunes that were written for some of Walt Disney World’s past and present attractions. The special event will be held at the Living Seas Salon in EPCOT, which is a conference space located in the backstage area of the Living Seas Pavilion and not open to regular park guests.
On Monday, December 19, 2016, our group will gather at the Magic Kingdom to watch these talented boys and girls play our official theme song while marching down the center of Main Street, U.S.A.!
The ground rules...
This is a invitation to all Disneyana Club members and guests. This offer will also be extended to the general public. Due to the limited number of seats available, we recommend making your reservations as soon as possible. If an event is sold out, we will be making a waiting list.
The cost for our special event is $55.00 per person. The price does not include theme park admission nor parking. Separate Theme Parks admission will be required for each day.
For the Sunday, December 18th event at the Living Seas Salon in EPCOT, the cost will cover a “Disney-Style” boxed lunch, any non-alcoholic drinks (soft drinks, water, tea, coffee), light snacks and gratuities. This event will run from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Any special dietary concerns or seating arrangements can be mentioned to Cathy during the follow-up call.
For the Monday, December 19th event, the group will meet at a prearranged time and location on the Magic Kingdom’s parade viewing area to watch the Harnett High School Marching Band perform.
To register, you must e-mail Cathy at or mail in this registration form.
Reservations will be accepted on a First Come-First Served basis. But, since this is Cathy’s personal e-mail address and we cannot be responsible for late or lost mail, please be patience and understand that her computer may be overwhelmed and delays in using the U.S. Mail service to register. She will do the best that she can to fairly determine who came first, based on the available time stamps on e-mail messages and postmarks on letters. Please, clearly leave your name, membership number (if known), daytime and evening phone numbers, e-mail address, which event(s) you wish to attend and the number of total guests at each event. Cathy will call back to confirm your reservation and
give you additional information.
You must follow-up your confirmed reservation with payment via credit card on our website (using PayPal, additional transaction fees will be charged) or via a check made out to Disneyana Fan Club and it must received no later than two weeks after Cathy’s follow-up phone call. If we do not receive your payment, your reservation may be dropped to the waiting list and another person on the waiting list may take your spot.
You may cancel your reservation, in writing, no later than November 20, 2016 for a full refund. If you need to cancel your reservation after the November 20th deadline, please let us know and we’ll check with our waiting list to determine if it can be filled. If it can, you may receive a full refund.
Your reservation cannot be transferred without prior approval and cannot be sold.
You may mail your check and registration form to:
Cathy Perrone
842 Spring Park Loop
Celebration, FL 34747
For any questions, you may e-mail Cathy at or call her at (407) 566-9565. Please be considerate in contacting Cathy. Please do not call her in the middle of the night (Eastern time) and understand that she might be busy working and be unable to response in an immediate fashion.