Hello members,

Welcome to disneyanafanclub.org! I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone.

Paul Schnebelen
Editor-in-Chief, Fantasyline Express
"Monorail one, clear for dispatch"

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Any Registered User Can Now Post

Any Registered User can now post on the Forums!  Previously, only folks with paid Club Member status were able to post a new topic.   

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Greetings from Northern California!

::waves:: I'd been getting frustrated with the high level of spam on the original forums so I decided to check to see if the new web site had forums associated with it - yay! I'm a member at large in the Northern California Chapter. I see some familiar names, both from the previous forum and from past conventions. :)

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Re: Old Forums

Hi Jenni:

The old forums are no longer monitored and will soon cease to exist as we complete the process of creating the new website.  Please use these new forums for communicating with other members.


Gary Schaengold



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Posting problems

Will regular members be able to start new topic threads on this forum? As I have done in the past, I would like to be able to post chapter meeting announcements and do not want to hijack someone else's thread on another topic in order to do so. Thanks!

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Holiday Extravaganza

Additional details about the Holiday Extravaganza event were provided to the club's Webmaster on September 1.  He will post that information under the Events section of the website in the next few days as he gets time.  We certainly hope that you will be pleased and look forward to having you register as a participant as the Holiday Extravaganza is always a fun event.


Special Events


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Holiday Extravaganza details/schedule/hotel?

Do the officers have any idea on when the details for the Holiday Extravaganza are going to be released? It would be nice to take advantage of the recent airfare deals. Will there be a headquarters hotel? Is there a scheduled luncheon and/or dinner? If so, what day(s) or night(s)?

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Holiday Extravaganza

The Holiday Extravaganza will be held December 9th, 10th 11th and 12th. It will finish early on Sunday so that can be used as a travel day for those who have to work on Monday. The full schedule and sign up will be released on Sept 1 and we have some great things going on. There will be a dinner for Give Kids the World and some special guests and an afternoon and evening in Celebration. Now that I have figured out this new wonderful website you will be seeing lots of posts here about special events. Be ready!

There is no base hotel, just like last year you can stay where you like.

special events

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Details and Registration?

It's September 2 and there is still no tentative schedule of events or locations!

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I was able to start a new topic in the forum, it seems to work fine for me

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You! I live in Las Vegas, Disney collector for 24 years!

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Unable to post new topics on forum


I still see this "You are not allowed to post new content in the forums" As stated below I am not the only one affected by this.

All we can do is post a comment.

Ken Stigen
President, MountainEars

Member of the MountainEars Chapter of the DFC www.mountainears.org Collector of Disney vinyl records. You can listen here: www.waltsmusic.com

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Re: First Convention


I'm sorry that you feel that you did not sufficiently enjoy our convention to come back next year. We have always honored and respected Disneyland's July 17 birthdate and never schedule activities on that day so that our members have an opportunity to enjoy the park. Every so many years, the 17th falls on a Saturday, as it did this year. Please let us know what our all volunteer team can do to improve convention that might entice you to come back. And feel free to contact me directly at gary@disneyanafanclub.org.


Gary S.

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Correction-can't post new content

This time I copied it:

You are not allowed to post new content in the forum.

I wanted to ask people to post info about the Convention for those of us unlucky enough to be at home!

Donna Bell Cascade Chapter Portland, OR

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Convention newbie

This was my first NFFC convention. Since I never received a hard copy of the schedule beforehand, I planned to attend the last two days of the convention. From my convention experience, the last two days are usually the ones with the most sessions. NOT for NFFC! There was only day of sessions left and there were no speakers/sessions on the last day(Saturday).

I did enjoy the Friday sessions, particularly the one with Tony Baxter. The show and sale on Sunday was fun.

I will attend the show and sale again, but definitely NOT another NFFC/DFC convention!

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Hi Donna!

Hi Donna it's me Christine, I used to live in Eugene Oregon, I was the Alice in Wonderland fanatic. I move back to Vegas not long after I met you, we were only there 8 months. I'm trying to start a new chapter in Las Vegas, hopefully!!
Take care

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You! I live in Las Vegas, Disney collector for 24 years!

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Can't initiate a subject in the forums

It said I didn't have permission to start a subject on the forum.

Donna Bell Cascade Chapter Portland, OR

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New Website


We have been Members for several Years. We enjoy the Show and Sales here in S. California.
Your new website and DisneyDispatch look great! Looking forward to July 18th!

Yvonne and Fred

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Already Posted

I have just posted information about my chapter. So the forums are open.

David Schiller

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Glad to be here Paul! Nice

Glad to be here Paul! Nice looking site. When will be able to post something other than a comment? Do members need to be approved to post on the forums?


Member of the MountainEars Chapter of the DFC www.mountainears.org Collector of Disney vinyl records. You can listen here: www.waltsmusic.com

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Creating New Posts on Forums

 Any registered user can post on our Forums, whether or not they are Club Members. 


- David Ransom, Webmaster